Fire Doors

Fire doors provide an essential and often life-saving function in a building.

Fire doors are integral to any building’s fire safety and form a major part of the Fire Safety Order and buildings regulations 2010, Document B. All of our fire door projects are certified by independent third party building control.

Think of a fire door like an opening wall. The door should maintain its integrity from fire and stop hot and cold smoke spread for the certified time – 30 minutes (FD30) or 60 minutes (FD60). Depending on the door’s application, they could also allow you to see through them to see if there is fire or smoke on the other side.

What does a fire door do?

Fire doors should CONTAIN smoke and STOP the spread of fire for the prescribed time. All elements of the fire door, frame, locks and hinges should match the certified fire resistance FD30 or FD60. This keeps fire out of escape routes and keeps them clear of smoke.

All fire doors should be labelled as fire doors and kept shut. We can offer doors that release if the automatic fire detection system is triggered. They can be left open as well required.

In addition to fire doors, we offer a range of options from fire curtains to automatic opening vents. We can help advise what you will need, so please contact Instant Protect today to discuss your requirements.


Fire Doors for blocks of flats

Every block of flats must have maintained and certified fire doors. We offer a range of fire door styles for blocks from art deco, Georgian and Victorian to arts and crafts, art nouveau or modern minimalist. All of our front door fire doors are custom front doors in any design, and can be fitted in blocks from 1 to 1000 flats as well as communal areas, landings, and stairwells.

These doors give fantastic acoustic advantages and enhanced security as well as certified fire protection. If required, we can change out communal architraves and skirting, transforming your front doors and communal areas.

Instant Protect can ensure that your block’s doors will meet all current building regulations. This helps to avoid prosecution for the blocks management company for non compliance and, more importantly, ensures residents are safe in their own home.

Fire Doors for commercial premises

All commercial premises must have maintained certified fire doors. Instant Protect can ensure your company meets all current regulations. Not only does this help in avoiding prosecution for non-compliance in the incident of a fire, but you can enjoy peace of mind that your site is safe for your employees and customers and any stock onsite is protected.

fire doors

Key Fire Door Points

  • All fire doors must have closer springs (top closers etc).
  • All riser cupboard doors must have “Fire Door Keep Locked Shut” signs.
  • All fire doors must have “Fire Door Keep Closed” stickers on them.
  • Get building control to inspect and approve the doors. Keep invoices for parts on file to prove compliance.
  • All elements must be fire proof.
  • Frame, locks, and letterboxes must match the rest of the door’s fire resistance (FD30/ FD60 etc).
  • 3 hinges per door.
  • Class 0 paint (fire retardant).
  • Any gap between a new frame and the wall must be filled with fire protection foam/mastic or other stopping – no gaps allowed!
  • All passive protection around frame must be noted.
  • Intumescent hot and cold seals must be used (brush style according to London building Control).
  • FD30 resistance is required for internal doors.

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