Instant Protect

The installation of security gates and grilles are a major first line of defense for your property against burglary and criminal damage.

Whether your property is your home, a shop front, restaurant or office space, at Instant Protect we are able to assess the specific needs of your site before installing security grilles or gates that are best suited to you and your business.

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Case Study

Site Location – Knightsbridge, London

Site requirements  – This high end residential client required a robust barrier of intruder defence in vulnerable sections of the property. Due to a past security threat it was decided that a solution was needed to protect potential access points such as windows and doors, even if they were broken. 

Instant Protect Solution –  We created and installed custom gates, grilles and shutters throughout the lower ground, ground and first floors to protect the property at its most accessible areas.

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Contact us today to arrange for a member of our friendly and experienced team to visit your property for no obligation site visit. We will assess the individual needs of your property and give you an understanding of the grilles and gate options that are best for you!

Intruder Security with Instant Protect

Our full suite of HD camera solutions offer the monitoring services to protect your property.

Our doors are designed to offer various levels of security, depending on your requirements.

Our secure and bulletproof windows fit seamlessly into the style of your building and keep you safe.

Gates and grilles are often the first line of defence against burglaries and criminal damage.

We assess the specific needs of your site to install the right security shutters for you and  your business or home.

Instant Protect will install and maintain all intruder detection equipment required at your property.