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Instant Protect provides you with lone worker protection technology to ensure that you are never left wondering about the whereabouts or safety of your staff or lone workers.

Utilising GPS tracking technology via smartphones used by you and your staff members, you can rest assured that lone workers are kept out of harm’s way. With “man down” and “check in” features included, our lone worker protection products ensures users are prompted to notify the platform regularly that they are safe so you will be alerted about any periods of inactivity.

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Our lone worker protection features...

  • Alarm transmission
  • Quick download and installation
  • GPS and data check
  • Keypad lock override
  • Audio clip
  • Comprehensive status screen
  • Secure login
  • Full Audit Trail

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Intruder Security with Instant Protect

Our full suite of HD camera solutions offer the monitoring services to protect your property.

Our doors are designed to offer various levels of security, depending on your requirements.

Our secure and bulletproof windows fit seamlessly into the style of your building and keep you safe.

Gates and grilles are often the first line of defence against burglaries and criminal damage.

We assess the specific needs of your site to install the right security shutters for you and  your business or home.

Instant Protect will install and maintain all intruder detection equipment required at your property.

For vulnerable staff members working alone at high risk times and locations, safety is paramount. Our lone worker protection technology offers you peace of mind that they are able to work safely and effectively on their shifts. 

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