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At Instant Protect we assess the specific needs of your property and surroundings before installing security shutters that are best suited to you.

Like all of our products, our security shutters meet the professional standards needed to properly protect your property and last for years to come.

Having shutters that are a good fit for the protection but also the aesthetics of your property all starts with a free consultation with an Instant Protect consultant. To book your free site survey and to find out more about the shutters we have available, get in touch today and we’ll see you soon!

front door shutters

Case Study


Site Location – Vauxhall, London.

Site requirements  – A residential block of 40 flats required a new shutter and motor for their car park due to a slow and unresponsive opening and closing motion which caused traffic issues on the nearby road.  

Instant Protect Solution –  Supplied and installed a new custom vented, roller shutter and high specification motor to address the speed of the opening and closing of the shutter. The shutter was also perforated, enabling air to flow through the space (due to fumes that build in the car park) while blocking sight through to the car park for enhanced privacy protection.

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Contact us today to arrange for a member of our friendly and experienced team to visit your property for no obligation site visit. We will assess the individual needs of your property and give you an understanding of the security shutter options that are best for you!

Intruder Security with Instant Protect

Our full suite of HD camera solutions offer the monitoring services to protect your property.

Our doors are designed to offer various levels of security, depending on your requirements.

Our secure and bulletproof windows fit seamlessly into the style of your building and keep you safe.

Gates and grilles are often the first line of defence against burglaries and criminal damage.

We assess the specific needs of your site to install the right security shutters for you and  your business or home.

Instant Protect will install and maintain all intruder detection equipment required at your property.