Protect your home

At Instant Protect, we have vast experience in providing a full suite of security services to keep your home safe and secure.

From intruder alarms and cameras to specialist locks and doors, we are able to provide the right equipment and technology for your needs.

Why use Instant Protect to protect your home?

A member of the Instant Protect team will work closely with you to understand the security needs of your home, offering a bespoke solution to design the perfect security system for you.

You can enjoy peace of mind that all equipment we install for our clients is manufactured to British Standards, and we utilise state-of-the-art technology to ensure you can have on-demand monitoring over the safety of your home.

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Our Domestic Security Services

Burglar Alarms

Having the correct burglar alarm system in place is an essential part of protecting your home from intruders. Our systems meet all British Standards and will help give you peace of mind.

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Deter intruders and monitor your home, on demand, from anywhere in the world. Complete with police response, we can provide wired, wireless or hybrid cameras to suit your installation preferences and the aesthetics of your home.


Our visually appealing doors contain sophisticated security features within their steel structures. This means the doors are near impenetrable yet no one will be any the wiser that it’s a security door.

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Our windows are created using highly sophisticated computer controlled design and manufacturing techniques, ensuring that they’re burglarproof, water-tight, soundproof and resistant to fire, smoke and wind.
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Smart Home

Equip your property with smart home technology, enabling you to see who is at your door via your smartphone. You can answer the door, lock it or even speak to your visitor from anywhere in the world!

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