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At Instant Protect, we have vast experience in providing a full suite of security services for businesses and commercial properties.

Be it intruder alarms, fire safety, or state-of-the-art shutters and doors, we help protect restaurants, shops, warehouses, offices and much more…

Why use Instant Protect for your business?

At Instant Protect we are a one stop solution to provide complete security for your property. Whether you are looking for secure shutters that complement customer-facing aesthetics,  access and entry systems to control who can enter your premises, or fully accredited fire safety equipment, our team provides the expertise and passion for security to ensure your building, and those that use it, are kept safe.

security shutters

Our Commercial Security Services


We offer a tailored retail or commercial camera solution to help dramatically increase loss detection rates and reduce general theft. We can provide wired, wireless or hybrid cameras partnered with 24/7 monitoring and police response.

Access and Entry Systems

From a one button system to IP solutions in 10,000 person offices, Instant Protect installs systems that are the perfect fit for the needs of each client. Ensure that only approved individuals can access your property, or even particular parts of it, using a range of techniques from fob access to biometrics.


Secure shutters are often the first line of defense against theft and vandalism. Not only does Instant Protect provide a selection of robust and highly tested shutter products, we also take the aesthetics of your building and brand into account if this is a valuable requirement.

Intruder Alarms

Having the correct intruder detection system in place is an essential part of protecting your property from damage and theft. Our systems meet all British Standards and our certified technology and insurance-approved systems are perfect for any application.

intruder system

Fire Security

Approved fire detection and suppression systems, professionally installed emergency lighting and regular fire risk assessments are critical responsibilities for those in charge of commercial premises. Keeping all of these responsibilities under the watchful eye of one point of contact brings peace of mind, and is exactly where Instant Protect can help…

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